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Welcome to the website of IFA Austria!

 upcoming events:

Annual General Meeting (and Presentation of the IFA National Reports 2016) [in German]
10 March 2016, 16.00, Vienna

Subject 1: Dispute resolution procedures in international tax matters (National Reporters: Judith Herdin-Winter [Austrian MoF], Dr. Fanz Koppensteiner [Austrian Federal Chancellery] and Dr. Sabine Schmidjell-Dommes [Austrian MoF])
Subject 2: The notion of tax and the elimination of international double taxation (National Reporters: Prof. Sabine Kanduth-Kristen, Dr. Sabine Zirngast [both University of Klagenfurt])

Combating Fraud in the Area of Direct and Indirect Taxation [in English]
10 March 2016, 17.30, Vienna

Speakers: Dr. Herwig Heller (Austrian MoF), Rick McDonell (WU Vienna University of Economcis and Business) and Christine Weinzierl (PwC)